Factory Information Systems Now Displaying Digital Signage

Deploying factory information systems has always been a challenge, however now with the introductions of thin client and PC enclosures, this has become easier, now discover how they are being turned into digital signs.

Installing computers on a factory floor has always been an issue, as the project manager has to establish if the computer hardware needs to be protected, more often than not, yes is the answer, now the leader has to find a solution for protecting the computers in generally dusty, wet areas this is were a computer enclosure comes in.

These PC enclosures have been supplied for the past 10 years by Industrial Computer Systems (one company) and now they have developed a unit that will also play digital advertisements when the screen is in standby, so instead of burning the screen with the image, a loop of corporate advertising is shown throughout the factory.

This utilises the existing data cabling infrastructure and now can offer digital signage as a by product of the screen saver.

pc enclosure

The unit is manufactured from mild steel and powders coated for general applications in dusty factories or were the unit is likely to be splashed, however for more robust applications the unit is supplied in food quality stainless steel to cope with the constant wash down areas. The unit can be supplied with a touch screen or an industrial keyboard for inputting data.

This is one area that digital signage is crossing over into factories, and here any factory information system integrator can benefit, by being able to offer a totally new and innovative solution.

Digital signage is every where from train stations to hair salons, now they will be appearing soon in a factory near to you. This is a sign of the digital and technology revolution and will allow businesses to control their inventory and customer orders as well as displaying up to date company data for all to see.

LCD Enclosure Global owns a group of companies with Industrial Computer Systems based in Dublin manufacturing a range of computer enclosure as well as PC enclosures, whilst their UK operation is the worlds leading manufacturer of LCD enclosures.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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