Factory Information Systems Need LCD monitor enclosures

Factories that offer a manufacturing service need to monitor their production carefully, an LCD enclosure makes this possible – discover why.

It is essential for any production or manufacturing facility to monitor and track the progress of it’s customer orders, some organisations are investing in Accu-Dart, this is one of the most forward thinking tracking solutions for the manufacturing sector. This solution using bar codes allows the correct inventory to be known almost throughout the day, every day, so there is no possibility of over manufacturing a product.

More and more technology is being installed on to production areas, staff are being trained but this is cutting down on production time, so some organisations are looking at remote or interactive distance learning (IDL), what happens here is a group of 10 people gather 15 minutes before they are due to start work, grab a coffee and watch a training video that is displayed throughout the company at pre determined points on the production line, these factory information points also demonstrate the brand of the company, the company news and can be used to wishing staff “Happy Birthday”.

Interactive distance learning is not new, however the technology is, it uses similar technology to the conference call, using large LCD displays, some up to 60” in size, but one issue with this is the protection needed from air borne hazards, such as dust, carbon, cutting compounds and the like and the companies are now deploying LCD enclosures to the production area to assist in protecting the displays form these hazards.

You could image the hassle and inconvenience if the system went down due to a failed monitor, never mind the costs involved replacing the equipment, this is why manufacturers such as Boeing and BAE Systems use these rugged LCD enclosures because of them having a special filtered cooling system, so no harmful particles enter the enclosure, only clean cool air, replacing the previous warm air.

There are a number of manufacturers out there supplying these factory information point enclosures, so the best units to look for are the ones that are ideal for dusty environments being IP56, these protect from fluid splashes and dust particles, whilst IP66 protects from being washed down, for example in a food process environment.

Normally when the rugged LCD enclosure is in a dusty area, it is manufactured from mild steel and powder coated, but when the units are in a food process area, they have to be manufactured from food quality stainless steel grade 316, 316L is occasionally used when low carbon is required.

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