Double sided digital signage totem – the new floor standing digital sign

Double sided digital signage totem – new concept.

A double sided digital signage totem provides advertisers with two bites of the cherry now using this new solution.

Dual digital signage totem – what are they?

digital signage totem

A digital signage totem is a steel housing that will take a commercial grade screen and a media player specifically for outdoor digital signage applications. But most locations that the digital advertising totem is deployed are in main walkways to get the maximum footfall. These digital signage totem units come complete with thermostatic cooling and heating units and the viewing window is made from toughened glass that has an anti reflective coating, ensuring the screen can be seen even in direct sunlight.

Some high end digital signage totem units are fitted with high security locks unlike the standard cam locks that are easily opened with basic tools.

Why use a digital signage totem?

This type of outdoor digital advertising is one of the fastest growing sectors and customers are looking to be informed and using a double sided digital signage totem this is achieved easily. Each screen can display either the same content or be connected to different media players to display different content. These are ideal for use in any outdoor retail application such as a high street as the units come with the industry standard viewing window that will resist almost all vandal attacks as the viewing window are tested to withstand a 1KG steel ball being dropped from a 1metre height.

Updating content on a digital signage totem.

Content updates are the most important part of any digital marketing solution, so updating the content is essential to make sure the content is topical and current, there would be no point in displaying ads for summer products during the Christmas build up. During the Christmas build up present ideas could be displayed, generating interest for the retail outlet and building up followers.

Security of the digital signage totem units.

We mentioned the best solution for the access doors is for high security locks, we have also addressed the viewing window that are made from toughened glass with an anti reflective coating, now we have look at how they are mounted, if they are not secure what is to stop someone turning up with a flat bed van and taking the totem unit?

The installation is simple, 4 threaded bars are cemented into the floor to match the mounting holes in the base and the digital advertising totem is then put into position, the threaded bar is then bolted into position using anti tamper bolts and the apron at the base of the totem is then lowered and secured into position with anti theft fasteners, ensuring the digital signage totem is secure .

LCD Enclosure Global Ltd offer a wide range of outdoor LCD enclosures as well as their range of digital signage totem units.

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