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We have all seen the huge displays of LCD and plasma screens, sprawling over the inside of a buildings wall, more often than not in shopping malls.

The first video wall I saw was at the Meadow Hall shopping Centre in Sheffield when it first opened some 20 years ago, man have these come a long way!

Now the technology is so advanced, we have recently been quoting for a 25 screen arrangement on an external wall, this wall comprised of twenty five screens of 46” in size and the technology allowing the screens to be tiled is amazing.

video wall

About a video wall.
These displays are specially manufactured by Samsung with a very small bezel around the edge of the screen, when placed together with other screens they provide a seamless large image.

Now this type of signage is available in two categories, one with a controller and one that does not need the controller to tile the screens.

The best screens have a viewable angle of 178 degrees and can be mounted in either landscape or portrait for maximum flexibility and come equipped with LAN connections – perfect for connecting to a signage network. The screens come in sizes from 40 inches up to 80 inches; the larger screens need some serious mounting hardware.

To achieve the tiling, the screens are daisy chained together and then fed by a computer with the software that dictates what part of the image is displayed on which screen at what time.

LCD Enclosure Global have years of experience in the digital signage market, providing indoor as well as outdoor digital signage solutions.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.
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