Digital Signage Totem

Digital signage totem used for dynamic advertising.

Digital signage is developing at a rate of knots, the problem is that organizations want to deploy digital signage in the most unusual locations such as in car lots, these car lots are covered form the elements, however some rain and high temperatures do make them a hostile environments.

Now LCD Enclosures Global’s digital signage totem allows any business to deploy an advertising solution outdoors in any climate, using their state of the art solution that has an integrated air conditioning unit dynamic advertising campaigns can be located in any location as their outdoor digital signage totem has locks that only the key holder can open!

Gone are the days, when the access door can be jimmied open and the hardware stolen, LCD Enclosures Globals solution is the only solution on the market that has high security locks fitted as standard, other solutions are locked with cam locks that can be forced open and the valuable investment of hardware stolen.

If like most integrators you do not want your engineers to look as though they are prison warders will large bunches of keys, the solution can be supplied with a master key, so each engineer has one key and it will open a batch of 500 units, just make sure the key doesn’t fall into the wrong hands!

Outdoor digital signage totem

We can now offer a solution that will house both a network enabled media player and the display in both landscape or portrait orientation. The cables both power and data are fed through the base and up through the bottom of the totem. The base of the totem can be bolted to outdoor floors to ensure no one tries to walk off with it.

A digital signage totem now allows hotels to put their ads out in the car lots that are unmanned and can be less than ideal in the dark. These digital signage totem solutions house all the hardware and provide the maximum protection possible.

Call toll free 888 460-3573 to discuss further for US inquiries or 0844 3578687 for European enquiries.

LCD Enclosures Global Ltd manufacture a range of outdoor LCD enclosures as well a range of digital signage totem.

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