Digital signage totem solutions

The hype is massive for digital signage, now manufactures are coming up with innovative digital advertising solutions with their eye on the entry level digital poster solutions.

digital signage totem

This is a twist on a digital poster, as this unit features 3 screens all 19” and in the landscape position on a special stand, these just like the digital poster are fed with content from memory cards.

The main difference is that this solution can have 3 different ads running at the same time tripling your ad revenue if you are a digital signage advertising agency. These are to be used indoors and the base has the facility to be bolted to the floor to prevent unauthorised removal.

One drawback of digital posters though is the content update issue as you have to physically update the content now this solution can be wired to a HDD so that the content can be streamed to the displays and can also be accessed remotely to update the content.

With businesses looking to develop their market share and looking into innovative ideas to bring more customers to their store digital posters are increasing in popularity, but with this solution it opens up a new level of advertising, as it could be set up initially to be updated manually then if the store owner decides to run it throughout their stores they can then purchase the HDD unit to control them from one central location, reducing travelling time and costs in delivering fresh content.

The totem can also be adapter to be used on buses and even on boats, so passengers can be entertained whilst they are in transit, reducing their perceived wait time.

Or if companies want to have a minimal look they can use a cable solution, the 3 advertising screens are suspended from the cable as in the image below.

digital poster

This provides a rather stream lined and professional solution and ideal for in window digital advertising.

LCD Enclosure Global specialise in manufacturing outdoor digital signage solutions including their range of LCD enclosure that are deployed throughout the world by a network of integrators.  LCD Enclosure Global also offer a range of digital poster for indoor digital advertising.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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