Digital Signage – the different types & applications.

Digital Signage comes in many different forms, but they are three main types, the first is for indoor applications, the second is outdoor digital signage with the last category is mobile digital signage. The end result is the same but there are many different journeys to go on to get there.

We will look at the budget entry for the indoor digital signage market for now, over the next week we will look at the other solutions available.

Indoor Digital Signage.
Now these can be seen in almost every company reception, from dentists through to multi-billion pound corporations, these are an effective way to showcase the products or services the business has to offer, but let us look at the different solutions in cost order, especially when money is tight all businesses are looking for that extra sale whilst stretching the advertising pound.

Digital Posters (also known as eposters and iposters).

Now these are digital posters, also known as eposters or iposters and are the budget entry solution and ideal for a local business with little if any technical knowledge.

How do they work?
These units are made up from commercial grade screens (normally Samsung), and have an integral media player, the content is stored on a memory card and inserted into the media player, then from an on screen menu the user preferences are set by setting the unit up as they require. These are wall mounted and can be positioned in either landscape or portrait position.

This menu controls everything from dwell time, ad frequency, you can even set them to shut down at the end of the day and reboot just before the office opens.

What formats will it support?
Any JPG and most videos can be played on these iposters, you can even add MP3 audio files, some gaming and movie companies use these units to demo their new product releases, due to the portability and instant attention grabbing appearance they have.

These units are manufactured in sizes from 20” up to 70” and range in price from £400 up to £10,000.

Next we will look at Digital Interactive Displays.

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