Digital Signage On The Beach

LCD Enclosure now on the beach.

Digital signage has now developed from indoor a hotel to outdoors by the pool, even located on the beach, but protection is required from the elements.

Well you know when you have had a day at the beach, reading your favourite novel and you get back to your hotel room and discover sand every where. Well imagine the sand getting into the hardware, what damage would it do?

With more and more integrators favouring commercial grade solutions, to separate themselves from the low cost, inexperienced installer, this hardware is usually three times the price of the indoor hardware, so when these are deployed outdoors, they have to be protected to defend the investment used.

What happens if? LCD Enclosure Explain

If the hardware is not protected, the screen will certainly have to be waterproof, these are very costly and on long lead times, this is to protect them from the sea and any hurricanes that hit.

Sand – This is a major problem, when sand gets into any hardware, it causes short circuits due to the tiny particles of glass acting as conductors, this is a huge problem when sand penetrates the rear of the screen and media player.

Salt – Well this sounds bizarre, just because we cannot see it, but if you left a radio on a beach unprotected it would fail in a matter of weeks, as the salt eats away at the casing this is why when an LCD enclosure is used to protect the hardware it has to be made from 316 stainless steel. This grade of steel is recognised throughout the world to have rust busting properties.

Now when using an LCD enclosure you must ensure that the cool air that enters the enclosure is clean, meaning that sand particles are not part of the clean, clear air cooling the enclosure, otherwise the internal hardware will end up failing due to a build up of sand over a period of months and years, so the better solutions offer a special filter than will filter out the sand and only let cool, clean air into the protective housing.

These outdoor digital signage enclosures can be mounted on poles using the rear VESA mount, making installation a breeze, so next time you are on a sun bed on a beach reading your novel, remember why those enclosures are there.

For more details on LCD Enclosure Global’s range of stainless LCD enclosures, contact them on +44 844 3578687 or 888-460-3573 toll free to discuss how they can assist you with you beach installation of digital signage.

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