Digital Signage In Hotels

Hotels are increasingly looking to find new and innovative ways to market their hotel and services offered at the hotel, now they are investing in digital posters for up selling their services.

How many times have you been to a hotel and found all the information you need for the surrounding areas as well as things to do at the hotel? I for one have rarely found this, this is why once we find a good hotel we like we keep going back to it, as it is the unique touches that makes each stay exceptional.

Now hotels are using a range of digital menu boards and digital posters to sell to new guests as well as returning guests. These innovative hotel owners are moving with technology and are using high definition images and video of their hotel and surround attractions, giving visitors and casual callers additional information, making the hotel the perfect choice.

Using digital posters in street based hotels such as in Blackpool and Scarborough can inform potential guests of the room décor and the potential quality of the accommodation, especially when the hotels have restaurants as the most profitable menu items can be marketed to visitors with mouth watering pictures and this could possible fill the restaurant as well as the hotel.

Then a larger digital solution (digital menu board) could welcome the guests at the reception area, here images of the hotel enforcing the quality of the establishment with the guests. These digital menu boards start at 40” and go to a massive 80” display compared to the digital poster that starts at 17” and go up to 40 “.

Both have a built in media player so there are almost zero installation costs, you just need to create the content and you are ready to launch your digital signage campaign.

LCD Enclosure Global offer a range of outdoor digital signage enclosures that they manufacture as well as a range of indoor digital signage solutions that includes digital posters and digital menu boards.

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