Digital signage hire solutions.

Digital signage hire – is available.

Digital signage hire is a certain way to test a marketing idea rather than wasting money on investing in hardware that may not work for a businesses marketing campaign.

Many people do not consider digital signage rental,  as they think this new technology hardware is costly, by hiring the hardware lowers the cost of investment, then once the hardware has proven itself, the project can be rolled out across the companies numerous locations without having a high cost and then the hardware does not perform as the business management thought.

There are very few occasions that a digital sign does not provide a fast ROI, however by hiring the hardware, a business can try exactly what they want, just as if they owned the hardware.

Digital signage hire is growing.

Only last week, DOOH Limited completed a contract to supply 3 x 40″ floor standing digital signs to a UK client in Hong Kong, hiring can also be off set against taxes a business may have to pay, but it’s best to seek an accountants advice.  The length of hire can be from a single day through to a rolling monthly hire.

digital signage hire

We can provide both wall mounted and floor standing digital signage hardware, that is for rental.  Also interactive advertising signs are also available, so do not dismiss digital signage hire at it can be rather cost effective.

Contact DOOH Ltd to discuss any digital signage hire requirements, today.


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