Digital Signage has huge demand for LCD enclosures.

As the use of outdoor digital signage increases, so does the need for effective LCD enclosures to protect the technology that creates these eye-catching displays. Everywhere you look these days, businesses are using digital signage to get their particular message across. The great appeal of digital signage, especially the kind that is placed outdoors, is the immediate impact it has on the casual passerby. The possibilities for the use of digital outdoor signage use are increasing all the time. Some systems now even have the technology to beam a text message directly to a blue tooth user who happens to be walking near the display. How’s that for personalized direct marketing!

Now imagine this scenario, your business has made the big investment. You have purchased the huge LCD television or displays, the media player to run the content, all the necessary add – ons. Your great content is created, and you are very excited about the positive impact this new digital signage is going to create for your business. Except you return one morning to find all your expensive equipment has been vandalized. Investing in a good IP65 LCD enclosures will prevent this nightmare from actually playing out in reality. Such all-weather LCD enclosures are designed to be bullet proof, as well as acting as a vandal proof LCD enclosure

Another consideration when placing your outdoor digital signage is the kind of weather conditions it will be subject to. Rain, snow, excessive wind and even just direct sunlight can have a serious impact on the function of your expensive outdoor signage equipment. An LCD enclosure solves the problem here too. LCD enclosures can be fitted with heating and/or cooling devices to protect against the effects of temperature extremes, and the LCD enclosure is usually completely waterproof, allowing you to place your outdoor digital signage display anywhere you want, whatever the weather.

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