Digital Signage For Pubs, Bars and Restaurants

Digital signage for pubs and restaurants.

Digital signage hardware is now becoming rather familiar at locations such as bars, restaurants and even cafes. The reason is that the outlet can up sell their own products and brands to the customers, increasing revenue and profit at the same time.

Pub digital signage.

If you have ever been to any of the JD Wetherspoons outlets, you will have seen the advertising displays on the pumps, promoting the beer or lager of the week. This is perfect, as most customers will get to the bar and then decide what they drink, if there is an offer on, they may try it, tempted with the improved price or offer displayed.  These outlets also serve food, with specials featuring local produce that is more cost effective than regular set menu items, so the pub can afford to promote them on a deal offer, to get you to purchase them.  Personally, the food is fantastic but it does make it better when you get an alcoholic drink free with the meal! Dynamic advertising has been proven to increase revenue by 32% compared to not using it, making digital signage a fantastic ROI solution for the pubs marketing department.

Cafe electronic signage.

As above, the electronic hardware can be used to promote menu items all through the day, yet in a cafe environment this can be more targeted to breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items. Using day parting, the signs can be set up to display only offer items for breakfast, lunch and dinner, automatically switching from menu to menu without any human intervention – how? Well the items on offer are entered into the media player and the clock set to the operating times for 3 meal times. For example breakfast may run from 7am to 11am, then lunch 11:05 to 15:30 and finally dinner 15:35 to 18:00. Again this boosts customer spending and the cafe increases it’s revenue and profit.

Restaurant digital signage.

A restaurant is much like a pub or bar, so as the above examples show, this type of advertising is successful. The hardware is affordable and depending on the solution chosen can yield an ROI in less than 3 weeks.

To discuss any of the digital signage solutions above contact DOOH Limited, so they can talk you through the options for your specific digital signage solution.

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