Digital Signage at Car Dealerships – Part 2.

There is no single “out of the box” solution, no matter what a potential supply of digital signage may say. Each dealer will have their own set of unique challenges and there are as many solutions as there are challenges.

The simplest way to translate traditional signage into digital signage is to use a basic flash based memory player, this will allow you to use JPEG images with MPEG movies on the player to create dynamic fresh content in little time. If you want to collect data, such as customer feedback consider an interactive kiosk. If a “WOW-Factor” is what you want to create, why note create a video wall in the showroom? This is why a custom built solution works well, due to it coping with your demands today whilst have the facility for tomorrows growth.

Beyond the hardware solutions, you will have to consider the network solutions, that will support your displays.

An SaaS/ASP Network utilises an external server that resides outside the company, while the dealer owns the hardware they only subscribe to the software and no maintenance is required by the dealer. SaaS/ASP is preferred by dealers when tight lead times and budgets are called into play.

A LAN or WAN network, this is an internal server that does reside within the company’s boundary and the dealer is responsible for it. Yes, these are more expensive however they can handle the more sophisticated software solutions for data retrieval making them one the best solutions for complicated global networks.

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