Digital Signage and Health Care go hand-in–hand

Health care in the United States is a huge and continually growing sector of the top occupations, according to statistics, employing over 13.5 million people.

This sector is constantly evolving with medical and surgical technologies, yet one important improvement has yet to emerge into the 22 century – the process of patient registration. Office paperwork has been replaced by computer software, however when a patient arrives at the desk, all he is greeted with, is a clipboard and pen – how old fashioned! Due to consumer attitudes this practice is now on its way out as the health care system updates one of the last the consumer facing industries, by introducing electronic check-in procedures, as members of the public now feel more comfortable using technology, for example using an AMT is now totally acceptable and unthought-of 20 years ago.

Eventually, preferably sooner rather than later, patients will have the comfort of registering at patient kiosks, using a screen for their data, or submitting information on a wireless tablet, where they feel comfortable using a self-serve system to provide their private information, linking directly with their medical providers registration system.

This move in technology comes at a point when the health care system is at a critical time, as it struggles to keep costs to a minimum – but at the expense of the patient? Paper work is a costly necessity and this creates expense, as medical practitioners each require three to five office support staff just to process the manual paperwork and filing.

Almost all departments work with very low margins, so to utilise technology eliminates the cost of paper work therefore reallocating funds for other departments within the medical centres.

Patient self-service in the medical sector will be as accessible and as easy to use as found with banking, entertainment and travel. As a patient confirms their own information, they acknowledge this information not only is correct, but it also means they can shop around for the best choice of care and nobody knows a patients’ information better than themselves.

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