Digital Signage – The Link Between Wireless & ROI

When a digital signage solution is being planned and the client gives the “go ahead” for the deployment the customer will want it almost immediately, however there is one thing than can increase the ROI and at the same time reduce the deployment time and this is how the solution is deployed.

With us all demanding instant information and needing to know what is happening to things in our lives that are important to us (who of us does not have either Face book or Twitter on mobile phones?), we need any digital signage solution to be deployed quickly, so that we can interact specifically to the ones that are linked to social networking sites.

One thing can speed a deployment up and that is wireless technology, it is estimated that by the end of 2014, 42% of businesses in the USA will be running on some form of wireless network, replacing the traditional hard wired solution.

Wireless Devices.
No matter where you are, you will see some type of wireless device, from scanners on Point Of Sale locations to hand held computers that have inbuilt wireless cards, most home printers are now available for wireless connectivity, no longer are we restricted to go the length of the data cable, now we can work in a café 200 miles away from the office and respond as there we are in the office.

If you have ever experienced a network change in your business, you will know how much inconvenience and hassle it is, from waiting for the engineers to turn up at site, sectioning parts of your store off so customers do not get hurt or inconvenienced and at the same time running your business.

Now adding a WIFI solution is a perfect opportunity to book your Return On Investment (ROI) whilst minimising customer inconvenience, some customers are benefiting for going wireless and increasing sales.

For example a café who has a “hot spot”, (this is a wireless access point – users can use whilst at the café), that is configured to open access will increase customer visits as a customer can buy a coffee and a cake and pick up emails.

Another example is colleges and universities, as many students bring their own laptops that they have course work on to college, so they can download it and print it off, without the wireless connection this would be impossible.

Return On Investment (ROI).
Okay let us talk money, when you deploy a wired solution you are paying for a team of engineers to arrive at site and lay cables in suspended ceilings and in raised floors, taking time and extra costs for installing basket trays, now one engineer can arrive at site, installed the wireless access point and then install the wireless cards in the digital signage hardware, do some tests and job done! Typically a wireless deployment can save as much as 60% on deployment costs and can take around 90% less time.

The only restriction is distance, but with wireless solutions developing that shouldn’t be an issue.

Still digital signage hardware can be placed in outdoor locations and even in LCD enclosures, as LCD Enclosure Global have developed an enclosure that allows the use of wireless technology in the enclosure, without reducing any of the wireless signal strength. Their outdoor digital signage enclosure can cope with extreme temperatures from -30 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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