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Interaction is driving the digital signage market and because of this the demand is massive for digital interactive displays, also known as DID’s.

How do these work?
These are similar to the iposters, but these have a touch panel that is normally 5 wire resistance touch, so it will work with the heat from a human finger but will not work for a gloved hand – there is a solution for outdoor use where gloves are worn!

There is also infrared touch screen, this works as the wired variety, but using infrared beams, when they are broken the break acts as a mouse would on a computer screen.

Due to the cost implications these are used for wayfinding and for interacting with customers, so customers can browse products then using the touch screen LCD, they are directed to different areas gaining more detailed information on the particular product they are interested in.

The size range from 20” up to a whopping 80” and are priced from £700 to £15,000.

Some times these digital interactive displays move more towards a kiosk due to the more approachable look of the kiosk, seeing that we have gotten used to using ATM’s we are no longer concerned with technology!

Digital Interactive Display’s are normally mounted to walls, were as kiosks are either mounted to stands in the floor or are floor standing and have a body manufactured from steel. Kiosks have the facility to store a PC, however only use a company who has experience manufacturing and supplying kiosks to the signage market, as there has been cases when a company manufactures a kiosk and it is top heavy and topples over, this could kill someone, so be careful with your choice of kiosk supplier.

interactive kiosk touch screen digital kiosk

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