Digital Signage – A Truly New Advertising Medium

From the days of print to modern day online marketing there has always been certain places to place your ad for maximum effect, now digital signage has rewritten this rule.

Print medium.

Print was viewed as the most effective advertising method for the past 80 years, multi million dollar companies have been built up from the success of their advertising campaigns. One American marketing legend went from having no money to earning in excess of five hundred thousand dollars (1/2 million $) his name Joe Karbo, he suggested that if you could afford the right thumb position in the newspaper you would get most views as this is where your eye scans too.

Internet Marketing.

Now when using Ad words on Google, the leading search engine has stated that the top right position is the most effective for sales and enquiries.

So can we make a connection that the top right hand side advertisements for both print and online marketing are very similar, now this is where the similarities end.

Digital Signage.

With digital signage solutions there is no magic or golden area that gets most attention, providing the content is eye catching it should work very successfully. These electronic signs are only as good as the location they are in; if they cannot be seen by the majority of customers you are wasting your time and money.

For maximum effect, any digital sign should have the following:

  • Be easily seen by the majority of visitors
  • Have attention grabbing content
  • Short ads around 30 seconds – customers will not wait in aisles to view the content whilst their shopping defrosts

Bearing these three points in mind, there is no reason why any indoor or outdoor digital signage solution will not uplift sales.

LCD Enclosure Global manufacture a range of outdoor digital signage solutions from waterproof kiosks to weatherproof LCD enclosures, then for the indoor digital signage market they offer digital menu boards all at cost effective prices.

LCD Enclosures Global – anything else is a compromise.

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