Digital Posters Replacing Whiteboards In Factories

Production plant safety executives are looking at new ways to inform staff of new safety policies and they are now using digital posters to facilitate this.

With the use of whiteboards in factories, this has placed a legal responsibility on employers, as they have to ensure their employees have the correct information so the operator knows exactly how to operate the machinery safely. This is only one use of whiteboards.

With the ever increase of paperwork, health and safety managers are tasked in getting up to date information to shop floor operatives in a timely manner, so that every one is up to speed and knows when parts and stock are coming in, as well as which member of staff is in a particular section.

From quality inspectors and managers, the old whiteboard was a sign of what was good and what was in quarantine, so how do they benefit from this new technology? Well just read one and discover the answer.

Well can you recall a time when you have had a major meeting with a new customer for a massive contract? You have prepared lots of paperwork and even a diagram on a whiteboard only to get to the meeting room and have forgotten some crucial information, well I have.

Now using a digital poster this is eradicated, as members of the technology era, we all have the facility to save our information in some form of readable version, it could be in PDF, JPEF or PowerPoint, now you can create your presentation in say Power Point and save it on your USB flash drive and then plug the drive into a digital poster for it to display the content, this for sure will give your presentation some Pazaz!

No only limited to offices, these LCD advertising displays can be deployed in any production facility, whilst providing relevant information to the staff. For example in the break room, here an electronic poster could provide the menu for lunch with the nutritional values, then in the stores area, it could provide the company’s policy on how to checkout the parts needed to complete an order.

Content can be saved on memory cards that can be changed from location to location, or even updated using a USB flash drive.

As you can see a digital poster or an LCD advertising screen (what ever you want to call them) are flexible and offer a new, modern look and feel to any facility, whilst at the same time being easy to use.

LCD Enclosure Global supply a range of digital posters as well as manufacturing a range of protective LCD enclosure that protect displays on factory floors as well as outdoors for digital signage.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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