Digital Posters and LCD Advertising Displays Do You Know The Differences?

Some people are confused with the digital signage solutions that are on offer when used for digital signage indoors, however in this article we will try and eliminate any confusion. Find out which is the cheapest solution and why and if it would work for your project.

Digital Poster.

This is the affordable solution available for indoor digital signage, a digital poster consists of a commercial LCD display panel with an internal media player that is built in to the rear of the screen.

Now with it being the basic level digital signage solution they do have challenges, the main issue is that any content has to be updated manually, by either swapping the  old memory card with a new memory card with new content already stored on it or through a flash drive that is inserted in to the USB port on the media player – not a an ideal choice if you have several digital posters over several sites in different cities and countries.

LCD Advertising displays.

These are usually floor standing and are almost identical in operation to a digital poster,  but there is a option to make these screens wireless so that you do not have to go to each location where every poster is to update the content.  These can be linked to a wireless provider such as 3G wireless modem and you can then log in to the media player remotely and update content through the WIFI connection.

Both options have the facility to set the units to power on at a preset time and power off when the building is empty, reducing power consumption and offering a more power efficient digital signage solution.

They also have the option to include scrolling text in varied sizes, and can even scroll in different directions.

Hopefully, this has given you an overview of what is available for indoor digital signage that will not leave you feeling as if you have been mugged.

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