Digital Poster and Digital menu board buy backs

Digital menu board & digital poster program.

Deciding upon a digital poster or digital menu board for a campaign can be daunting, as you do not want to buy the wrong piece of hardware. How many many businesses want to try the hardware but think that it is costly, now we have the solution.

Many businesses want to try digital signage with a standalone solution, this is a commercial screen that has a built in media player (no need for a computer to run the ads). Ads are updated using a flash drive or simply swapping the CF card with one that has different content. But they are aware that they need to ideally run on a networked media player that can be controlled remotely any where in the world, as this is most effective as content can be scheduled for a specific date and time well in advance.

Now we have a solution, when a customer purchases a digital poster or digital menu board from us and finds that they need to upgrade the solution to a network enabled solution we will take their old digital poster back and discount the price of the new networked hardware. This allows the customer to have try the technology without making a large financial commitment and then they can upgrade the hardware to larger sizes and having the benefit of updating content remotely.

This buy back program is unique as we will even take other suppliers LCD advertising displays in exchange for an upgraded, network enabled solution. The only condition is that the digital poster or digital menu board is working and the screen is in tact.

Digital menu board.

digital menu board

The network enabled solutions are very different from the standalone solutions, as they come with a 160GB hard drive that runs on Linux and allows even Flash to be used for maximum impact of the digital signage solution. The hard drive can either be connected to the internet by either an RJ45 (network cable) or by using a wireless adapter, making the unit a wireless solution.

If using wireless, ensure that the admin password is reset and not easily guessed, you don’t want anyone advertising on your digital signage solution.

LCD Enclosure Global Limited provide a range of protective LCD enclosures as well as digital menu board to their integrators worldwide.

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