Digital Poster – The New Event Board

Digital Poster – New Advertising Trend?

A digital poster has traditionally been used for dynamic advertising, now these are turning into a very lucrative market as an event board, discover how easy it is.

Digital posters have been used to provide up to the minute advertising campaigns for businesses, by displaying the services and products in a very eye catching way. The content is normally stored on the internal media player using a removable memory card, to update the content all you need to do is put a USB drive into the connector with the new content and the digital poster updates itself.

Digital Poster – Advancing in technology.

Now using a basic digital poster, you can use either a PowerPoint template or just use images in the form of Jpg to create the dynamic adverts, you can even find many free PowerPoint templates online to be used for digital signage. Using basic tools such as Microsoft Notepad jaw dropping content can be created.

digital poster

Uses of a digital poster for events.

These can be used to promote future events, by placing the LCD poster in a high traffic area in advance of the event with eye catching graphics to highlight the event; this then catches the attention off passers by.

A digital poster can be used for people to find their way in hotels and business centres and are brilliant in an emergency when a room is changed, for pointing the way to the new room location. One thing a busy business centre does not need is visitors disrupting your staff asking for directions to their new room, this is were the advertising poster comes into its own.

Not just limited to one orientation, a digital poster can be mounted in either landscape or portrait position using the rear mounting pattern on the rear of the LCD poster. These large format screens grab attention and are easily deployed, all you need is a power lead.

If flash media needs to be displayed, a flash converter can be loaded onto the memory card and then the media is added, using the on screen menu the orientation, ticker, dwell time and transitions are all set.

LCD Enclosure Global offer a range of protective LCD enclosure for protecting outdoor digital signage hardware as well as a range of digital poster.

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