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Digital menu boards are replacing the static printed medium, due to their cost effective nature and flexibility compared to the printed option.

There is no long lead time and should a campaign not be performing it can easily be replaced with another offer, with a few clicks of a mouse. Unlike printed posters that once printed if there is just one digit wrong on a phone number or the printed content is wrong, the entire project can gat scrapped at a huge cost to the company.

There are two types of digtial menu board:

  • Standalone
  • Networked

The standalone solution is a very affordable solution, as there are no expensive costs incurred when installing these, as they just mount to the wall and the content is stored on a memory card that is secured into the onboard media player.  The only restrictions are the size of memory card, but a 3GB card is more than enough and that to upgrade the content you have to got o each menu board and upload the new contnet via the USB conection.

Networked digital menu board, these are normally deployed into restaurants who have proven digital signage works, they have an element of fibre and CAT5 cabling in the instalaltion that can be expensive, but the advantage is that all the boards can be updated with content with only a few clicks of a mouse and can run unending content almost irrelevant of bandwidth.

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