Digital Display Enclosure For Digital Advertising Protection.

Digital display enclosure the digital advertising protector.

A digital display enclosure is a common place solution that can be installed in a matter of minutes but will last months, if not years protecting the hardware used for digital advertising.

Understanding the use of digital advertising.

digital advertising

Recently there has been an increase in a trend to use digital advertising so market a company, these companies either pay an advertising agency a set amount every month to produce and display their adverts that have been created using computer programs such as Flash. The advertising agencies use digital advertising as the modern way to advertise a product or service to a much larger target audience.

Or some businesses have decided to deploy a range of digital display enclosures for digital advertising solutions, as these companies have realized that they can sell advertising slots on their digital advertising systems hard drive, whilst outsourcing the content creation.

Digital advertising and a digital display enclosure.

Now installing a digital advertising solution can be expensive, however using a digital display enclosure allows the use of more cost effective commercial screens and media players, rather than dedicated manufactured outdoor screens. These digital display enclosures provide all the weather protection as well as physical protection from abuse, enabling the digital advertising solution to be deployed in any weather condition.

Possibly earnings from digital advertising

Imagine for a moment that you have 3 screens in a shopping mall advertising your products and services, then just think if you offered 2 minute digital advertising slots at a price of $200 per month. Providing the shopping mall has a large footfall you can easily expect to sell a minimum of 100 advertising slots, this would generate $200 x 100 customers = $20,000 per month. Bearing in mind each digital advertising station costs $3500 per location, the initial set up costs for 3 screens would cost $10,500. As you can see from the initial investment of $10,500 there is an immediate return on investment in the first month of approximately $7,000 once you take out the costs for creating the digital advertising content. With the following 11 months providing a minimum profit of $19,000 per month.

Is digital advertising profitable?

So for the first year after an initial investment of US$10,500 for 3 screens in one high footfall location will yield a return of $19,000 x 11 months = US$209,000 plus $7,000 for the first month making a total income for 12 months of US$216,000 profit.

So in any start up business, a profit in the first year of US$216,000 is very impressive, if clients require content updates, you can then charge the customer for the updates, ideal for generating new income streams during the holiday season and the summer.

LCD Enclosure Global Limited produce a wide range of digital display enclosure that are used for digital advertising.

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