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Floor Standing Digital Signage Touch Screen Hire

Why buy a floor standing digital signage touch screen, when you can hire a unit? Digital signage is a current trend which has evolved into a technical revelation over the last few years into a huge, multi million dollar business.  It suits many purposes with its electronic visual display, multi level advertising, way-finding, infomercials and […]


Floor standing digital signage Middle East Project Win

2013 has been a very successful year for DOOH Limited, as another floor standing digital signage win, this time for a the Saudi Government.


Tips for Using Free Standing Kiosks

Free standing kiosks, are internet terminals that are not wall, ceiling nor desk mounted. They are seen nearly everywhere where there is a need for dispensing information digitally, in a very stylish way.


Indoor Advertising Systems & Screen Sizes

It takes one to three minutes for retention to set in from reading advertisements on signage using indoor advertising systems and better retention, of course, leads to potential sales.


Indoor Digital Advertising Display for Increased Profits

There are many different locations in which indoor digital advertising display can be suitable. Some of the locations where digital advertising is broadcast include point of wait areas, where there is large crowd and the advertiser is able to reach many more people than when the advertisements are broadcast in sparsely populated areas.


Floor Standing Digital Signage Solutions

There are countless positive reasons for floor standing digital signage units to be installed in prime locations, discover more here.


Free standing lcd advertising systems for cost effective advertising

There are many methods of cost effective advertising, but one of the most popular and the best method of cost effectively advertising products and reaching many people is the free standing LCD advertising systems


Touch screen hotel advertising hardware

There are several methods in which the touch screen hotel advertising can help the people who are using the hospitality services.


Indoor Digital Signage Hardware Solutions

There are many different kinds of indoor digital signage that are used in businesses. Some of the different businesses that use these kinds of signs are the restaurants, shops in a mall; businesses that are run inside the airports are some of the main examples


Floor standing interactive digital poster solutions

Floor standing interactive digital poster solutions are using the latest touch technology to engage with consumers and increase market share.

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