4K Digital Signage Devices Increase In Use

4K digital signage.

The term 4k refers to the horizontal resolution of a screen, used in this field, to display an advertisement or promotional campaign with exceptional quality graphics. We see it everyday in 4k compatible televisions and within the cinema industry. All screens in this range have a resolution of 4000 pixels. It is attuned to the use of digital technology, so giving an exceptional image quality. However recent digital signage exhibitions held in America have indicated a momentous leap in the interest shown by purchasers of all kinds of screens; from televisions to digital signage projector hardware. This is a surprise, as not long ago the trend for 4k was declining. The high resolution images produced by 4k products has re-generated awareness in the technology.

Innovative uses of 4k digital signage projectors.

4k digital signage

4k digital signage projectors are an innovative form of advertising, as the image can be created to be as big as… well, imaginable because of the quality of the resolution. Displaying an image onto the side of a building is a ‘hip and trendy’ method of grabbing the public’s attention. Many crusades have been displayed onto iconic buildings in an attempt to sell a product. It is an eye-catching method, using up to date technology, which culminates in a very successful campaign – as well as being entertaining. Many artists have used this method to display their works and become famous in a pioneering way.

Users of 4k digital signage.

  • Promoters of sports events – onto the external side of their venue
  • Shopping malls – concessions offering discounts and rebates
  • Music concerts and festivals – showing a band to a huge audience, who just can’t get near the stage!
  • Airports – a life size image of an aeroplane (advertising cut price travel)

Digital signage hardware.

Screens, booths, LCD/LED panels, kiosks and projectors can all feature 4k technology giving amazing and dynamic imagery. Not only can this ultra HD 4k technology include a touch screen facility, but also incorporate multi-control use of a number of processors. Using a 4k camcorder to film an advert in turn, gives the best results when displayed onto the 4k digital signage. A hard drive, media player and speakers are also necessary, although technology has developed to create an all-in-one technology. Manufacturers of 4k digital signage are amongst the most innovative in the world, as this form of resolution has evolved within a relatively short space of time.

The cost of purchasing 4k hardware.

Yet many millions of dollars are being spent on the research necessary to continually develop the technology, costs to buyers and end-users are comparatively low in context to this modern equipment. After the initial cost of purchasing the hardware, it is so versatile that these costs can be offset against many locations and uses, where it earns a well deserved income and profit. By allowing it to multi-task, such as incorporating a number of advertisers in one location, it keeps the outlay to a minimum, as advertising agencies are willing to pay a premium price for a premium campaign.

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