4 Easy Steps To A Outdoor Digital Signage Success

There are 4 parts to any successful outdoor digital signage solution, without one of these key building blocks, the wall is sure to collapse. Let us analyse each block.

1)      LCD display – for outdoor use, the best type of screen is a sun bright screen, these works perfectly in direct sun light with no effect to the screen. A commercial screen is the ideal choice, as these are designed for constant use rather than the TVs we have at home that are only used a few hours per day – a commercial display is designed to run 24 x 7.

2)      Media players – there are three types of digital signage media players, one is wireless, one is hard wired and the other is based on storing the content on to a storage device, such as a memory card. These vary in price from the cheapest, this being the memory card type with the hard wired media player next with the wireless unit being the most expensive. The choice will be dictated by the projects requirements, the most popular sellers are the hard wired and wireless solutions as the content can be uploaded from one central location if you has a medium to large signage network.

3)      Software – this normally comes in two forms, the first is to create the content that will be displayed on the digital signage network and there are many free or trial packages online to try, before you commit to purchasing the media content creation software. The other type of software is normally built into the media player, so many screens can be controlled from one central office through a browser window as if you where on the Internet. The media players for memory cards have a built in menu and is controlled through a remote control, much like a remote for a TV.

4)      LCD enclosure – so without protection, how is your digital signage solution going to work? This is the primary function of an LCD enclosure to protect the hardware from water and excessive heat, this can be in a kitchen or on a beach, out on the streets of New York or in a hospital in North Carolina. These flat panel enclosures offer protection not only from the weather but also potential attack from vandals and thieves.

At the end of the day, it would be futile to spend days laying fibre for the media players to find that the screens had been damaged or even worse stolen. Each one of the above points can help you achieve digital signage Nirvana.

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