32” Digital Poster – Many Uses For Digital Signage

A digital poster solution available in 32”, 40” and 46” size units can have so many uses, but we will first look at the 32” digital poster.

The digital poster is a large type of digital photo frame with a twist, as these units can also display video presentations; the unit is designed for indoor digital signage and appeals to any business that has a reception or where potential customers can see the promotion.

Digital Poster or Digital Menu Board?

A digital poster is the same as a digital menu board, as they can be mounted in both vertical and horizontal positions, but are available in smaller sizes including the following: 20”, 26”, 32”, 40”, 46” then the cross over is the digital menu boards normally start at 40” and to a huge 80” unit.

Both solutions are used to promote goods to potential customers and to promote services a business offers.

digital poster

For example a beauty salon can promote some of their skin care products to clients who are having a beauty treatment.

Hair salons use a digital poster to advertise their seasonal offers in their windows to passing prospects, such as “Christmas cuts – for the Christmas office party”, then in-store they can offer the hair care products to clients who are having any hair treatment, so they can recreate the same effect at home.

Fish and chip shops use them to promote their menu, so people passing the shop window can see what the costs are immediately, mixing the menu with tempting looking images of a fish supper tempts you in to buy.

Tyre retailers use them to advertise the different brands of tyres and exhausts they offer with sample prices for regular car tyres.

A digital poster works straight of the box, this is due to the built in media player and everything is controlled through the onscreen menu. This menu enables the user to control every aspect of the digital advertising campaign from dwell time to the transition of the images. They even have the facility to switch off when the store is closed and reboot when the store opens, saving on power consumption.

A digital poster or digital menu board are a cost effective digital advertising solution for indoor use, for outdoor digital signage an LCD enclosure should be used to provide a weatherproof solution.

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